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    Get to Know Danimack Creative Designs

    Danimack Creative Designs is a company located in Houston and born from my passion for handmade, unique items. It all started at a young age, watching my father building custom guitars. I spent a lot of time in the workshop with my Dad watching him turn a piece of exotic wood into an exquisite custom guitar. I was hooked and my love of woodworking would be my lifelong passion.

    As an adult I worked as a designer in the Oil and Gas industry where I met my wife. She too was passionate about design and was always working on a new project or two. We were really good together, complimenting each other’s talents. She would work on designs and I would build, a match made in woodworking heaven!

    When our careers in Oil and Gas ended we formed Danimack Creative Designs based on that love and beauty of wood and our ability to create a cherished product just for you!


    A Sampling of Beautiful Products

    What we Make

    All items are handmade in Texas by my wife and I using locally sourced hardwoods (when available) and can be customized for you.

    Mahogany Arm Chair

    Custom Window Frame

    Kitchen Island Wood Top


    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

    Mark Twain



    For any inquiries or orders please get in touch with me today.

    David Mackay



    "Wood is universally beautiful to man.  It is the most humanly intimate of all materials."

    Frank Lloyd Wright